• Automatic Fall Detection
  • Remote Monitoring & Alerts
  • Vital Sign Tracker
  • Cardiac Monitoring



We know how nerve-racking it can be to experience a fall, especially when help is a long way away. A single fall can impact our lives, affect our self-confidence, and possibly cause life-threatening injuries. Whether you or your loved one have experienced a fall before or not, falls and loss of balance can induce chronic stress and mental fatigue. Nearly 1 in 4 Americans experience a fall each year, with over 2.8 million injuries treated in ER annually. To add to these staggering statistics, over 800,000 hospitalizations and more than 27,000 deaths each year can be attributed to falls alone.

We realize that in many situations; it is not possible to press a push-button once you have fallen, which unfortunately is what a majority of the products currently on the market do. SenixBand aims at keeping you or your loved ones safe by automatically detecting a fall and alerting your emergency contact instantly.

Do you wish there was a way your family and loved ones would know how your vitals are doing? Are they always worried about your health or concerned about your well-being? SenixBand allows you to share live, real-time statistics with your family or caregivers, allowing them to help you in the time of need without compromising your independence.

Similar to how a check engine light keeps your car safe, SenixBand is the check engine light for your vitals. We automatically alert you and your family when we notice something odd about your vitals or physical activity. SenixBand continually works around the clock to keep you safe so that you can lead a worry-free life. We do all this without compromising your security. You get to choose who can see your data, when they can see it, and how often they see it—thus offering you a fine granular control on your privacy and health data.

As you age, it's crucial to keep track of various vitals. It becomes important to balance a healthy lifestyle with things that you enjoy doing daily. Did you know that according to the ACE (American Council on Exercise), people who track their steps take an average of 2,500 more steps per day than those who don't ? What's more, Thomas Jefferson, who lived to be 83 when the life expectancy was 40, walked four miles each day. However, walking or performing any exercise without closely monitoring your vitals could lead to over-exhaustion and fatigue. This is why SenixBand offers the following ways to track your wellness and vitals

  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Activity Detection, Step Counter and Sleep Tracker
  • Optical Blood Pressure Monitoring (BETA)
  • Single Lead EKG (Electrocardiogram)

Thump, thump, thump, that's the sound of your heart beating around 4,800 times in an hour. Throughout our lifetime, the heart ends up beating around 3.3 billion times. One could argue it's one of the hardest working muscles in our body, yet it is often neglected.

SenixBand gives you valuable insight into your heart with Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Arrhythmia detection, and 1-lead EKG that you can share with your doctor. Trends in HRV have been shown to be a close biomarker for fatigue, illness, stress, and several other physiological factors. SenixBand allows you to securely share your HRV data with your medical providers, to assist them in diagnosing long term cardiac conditions.




WorryLess When it matters most

  • foto Automatic Fall Detection Falls can be scary, we know it, especially when you are alone. SenixBand continually monitors for a fall, automatically detecting it within milli-seconds of it happening. Our high-specificity custom-designed algorithms are able to weed out false positives and give you the most accurate results when it matters most.
  • foto Fall Notification Once SenixBand detects a fall, it automatically starts the clock to call for help. Don't worry; you are in complete control of this. You can cancel the request for help at any time with a simple tap and hold option. In less than 10 seconds, SenixBand sends out an initial SOS asking for help, along with your information and current location.
  • foto SOS We send out an initial notification within 10 seconds to your primary emergency contact. We believe notifying your loved ones can be more effective at times than notifying emergency dispatchers. This can be a family member, caregiver, or even your neighbor. If within 20 seconds, we do not hear back from them, we escalate your call to an automatic 911 dispatch. Remember, you can cancel this alert process at any time before notifications are sent.
  • foto Help is on the way Response time is the most critical aspect associated with fall detection. In less than a minute of SenixBand automatically detecting a fall, either your family member or emergency dispatchers have already been notified. Stay put; help is on the way!


Cardiac Monitoring

Cardiac Monitoring

Atrial Fibrillation detection. ST-Segment elevation and elongated QT syndrome detection. HRV trends and morning readiness monitoring. Adaptable to activity and individuals.
Vital Sign Tracker

Vital Sign Tracker

Continuous blood pressure monitoring. EKG monitoring. Temperature monitoring. SpO2 and Pulse monitoring. Respiration and daily activity monitoring.
Automatic Fall Detection

Automatic Fall Detection

SenixBand constantly monitors for a fall within milli-seconds. High-specificity custom algorithms weed out false positives to give you the most accurate results.
Activity Tracker

Activity Tracker

SenixBand track physical activity and keeps you aware of ECG, Blood Pressure, temperature, SpO2 and respiration in real-time.
Statistics Tracker

Statistics Tracker

Stay up to date on your statistics including sleep, steps, and time spent sedentary.


Sometimes knowing the time and date can be the most vital. Set reminders to take medication, walk the dog, or simply call a loved one.



SenixBand Wearable Independent Living Fall Detection Technology with SenixCare Real-Time Health Monitoring


A Dedicated team of engineers, system and software developers, doctors, and business management professionals

Biosenix is a biomedical technology startup whose primary goal is to develop novel biomedical devices and systems to enable independent living and better health monitoring for older adults. The creation of the company and product development was motivated by the needs of our aging parents. Both company founders have parents in their 70s that live alone at home and are far away.

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